Marine salvage: is the process of recovering a ship and its cargo after a shipwreck or other maritime casualty.Our team will help you professionally and technically about salvage.just contact US.


Diving Services:  When your vessel is damaged, you are looking for a vessel repair company which is going to help you as soon as possible. We understand, because a stationary ship gets rusty and costs money.

Therefore, it is better to repair the vessel underwater, at its current location. The certified divers, working for our vessel repair company.

just contact us.

Pilotage:  Pilots with local knowledge have been employed on board ships for centuries to guide vessels into or out of port safely – or wherever navigation may be considered hazardous, particularly when a shipmaster is unfamiliar with the you need our professional Pilots? just contact us

Dredging is the operation of excavating material from a water environment (sometimes temporarily created) for the purpose of improving existing water features. if you need our dredging service just contact us.

Repair of vessels

Our team will professionally repair your ship including Docking,Machinery repair works,Pipelines, valves and air cylinders,General hull and deck repair works,...



Offshore services

Our expert team has all the experience and tools needed to provide all the offshore services you need just to contact us.

Search and Rescue

Search and Rescue (SAR) is the search for and assistance to people in distress or imminent danger, so if you or your people are involved in a problem or danger, contact us immediately.
Our expert team will come to your aid as soon as possible

Our company specializes in services.

Vessel Purchase Advice

If you are looking for a professional consulting team about buying a variety of ships contact us Our team will be expert in guiding you.
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Water Supply and Bunkering

Our team will provide you with all kinds of needs such as refueling and water supply and supplies.

Fighting pollution

In case of fuel leakage or any environmental pollution, just contact our professional team to take action.